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Custom Training Solutions

Custom Training Solutions

Custom training solutions address the biggest challenge for organizations to effectively train their workforce to meet organizational goals. FAST Rescue has been offering custom training solutions to a diversified group of customers.

Why Custom Training Solutions?

To bring your employees to the expected level of expertise, off-the-shelf content often falls short. Your training content should be customized according to the current requirements, and should be designed appropriately, keeping your workforce in mind.

Off-the-shelf and ready-made content does not suit an organization’s goals in terms of skillset building and moving to the next level as an organization. Employees are a definite asset to their organization when they are well trained.

FAST Rescue Custom Training Solutions

Here is a list of some of the custom training solutions that we can customize. Please note that this list is constantly expanding, depending on the growing needs of our clients.

Software training Personalized training
Safety training Communication skills
Micro learning Induction and onboarding
Specific skill enhancement Accounting and finance training
Compliance training Soft skills training
Technical courses Critical thinking training
Sales training Leadership training
Product training Awareness training
Orientations Application simulation training

Software Training

When a small software company approached us for training content for the software applications they have, their requirement was simple and straightforward. They needed to build clear and easy to understand content which could be revisited multiple times to learn and review the applications.

Software Training Solutions

After receiving the source material and completing the analysis, the instructional designers (IDs) collaborated with the subject matter experts (SMEs) to come up with an approach of screen capturing videos. The software applications are explained step-by-step using screen-capturing.

Updating the earlier mode of training which the software company had, we customized the content to suit their learning requirements. Their employees were able to revisit the training content as often as they needed until they were able to master the software applications.

Personalized Training

A multi-national marketing organization wanted to train its core team with a specific training strategy to acquire the required marketing skillset. With help from their team, FAST Rescue compiled their existing marketing strategies and collateral and developed a personalized training module.

Personalized Training Solutions

This approach involved learning about the team, including aspects such as their educational level, strengths and weaknesses, learning capabilities etc.

With more than a decade of experience providing online courses to adult learners, from employees at corporate offices to university graduates, and across multiple verticals, we adapted our experience of adult learning principles and improved the marketing courseware to make it engaging and interactive. The testimonial received after the launch of the training course demonstrated the success of this personalized training.

Safety Training

A US based safety solutions organization wanted to provide blended safety training to its work force. Before coming to FAST Rescue, they provided classroom training using PowerPoint presentations and practical sessions after the theory presentation.

Safety Training Solutions

FAST Rescue studied their training requirements and provided them with a custom training solution. With regular meetings and active input from the client, the course was built to their expectations.

The training content was segregated into three categories: theoretical instructions (prescribed for the usage of equipment and safety measures), practical interactive, scenarios and simulation slides and the assessment of learning.

The scenarios and simulations used in the course provided hands-on experience where the learners were able to practice their practical skills.

Communication Skills Training

As part of offering soft skills to its work force, a medium-sized organization approached FAST Rescue for a communication skills training course. The idea was to build strong communication skills among their employees so that they could have smooth one-to-one interactions with their clients.

Communication Skills Training Solutions

We analyzed the client’s existing content and provided them with an effective approach which involved blended learning.

The employees learned the theory portion online, which included understanding words, their meanings, usage, pronunciation, sentence structure, as well as the different ways of effective communication. In the online course, they also had to complete a formative and summative assessment to solidify the learning.

After the online theory session, the learners attended classroom sessions, which were facilitated by an instructor who encouraged them to interact with one another, give presentations and have debates.

Micro Learning

This case study projects the current training requirement prevalent in many organizations. The customer wanted the training to be more engaging, interactive, and have good retention.

Micro Learning Solutions

The customer felt that because of the large amount of content and the existing presentation style, not many employees were paying attention in the training sessions.

The customer wanted the course to address these challenges so that the training was more effective.

After a thorough analysis of the existing content and presentation, we determined that the approach should be to provide the content in smaller chunks of easily digestible content.

Based on the ID strategy, we classified, sub-divided and broke out the content into 5 minute videos/animations, all headed with catchy titles. These small videos contained specific, targeted information and could be completed quickly.

We used different patterns in this micro learning course:

  • Microlearning videos (brief, interactive videos; whiteboard animations; etc.)
  • Games (simulations, polls, flashcards, multiple choice questions, etc.)
  • Short snippets of audio (micro-lectures, etc.)
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Infographics (statistical, hierarchical, and comparative infographics)

For the employees who were previously trained with the lengthy content modules, this new approach of micro learning was a breath of fresh air.

FAST Rescue has been passionately addressing training challenges for more than a decade. For more details, click here to book a demo.