Confined Space

Confined Space

Confined Space Safety Training

A number of workers are injured or killed each year while working in tight places.  An estimated 60% of the fatalities each year have been among the “would-be” rescuers.  Some examples of confined spaces include silos, vats, hoppers, utility vaults, tanks, sewers, pipes, truck or rail tank cars, aircraft wings etc.  Confined space certification will assist in fulfilling a company’s obligation to ensure workers are trained and competent to deal with confined space entry, at the same time reducing the risk of accidents.

Choose from 4 levels to fit your needs:

  • Confined Space Awareness Training – 4 hours
  • Confined Space SCBA Training – 4 hours
  • Confined Space EntryTraining – 8 hours
  • Confined Space Rescue Training – 16-20 hours
Certification: 3 years
Class Size: Maximum of 12 participants for an on-site course

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