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Systems 24-7

Systems 24-7

Systems 24-7 is a revolutionary online business application which creates synergy and transparency for employment programs, such as health and safety, human resources and wellness.  Systems 24-7 provides a cost effective, efficient online program designed to support your company in managing your Health & Safety program. It is a “one-stop” portal providing your employees or contractors with secure online access to your policies, forms, training and reports.  With a user-friendly interface and easy to use tools and applications, Systems 24-7 is easy to understand and quick to implement.

Systems 24-7 is built and priced in a modular format.  You can invest in the entire program or in just the portion which fit your needs and your budget.

Learning Management System

This module provides your company with the full tracking of a deluxe Learning Management program plus gives you access to our bank of over 200 online training courses.  This module will track all your employees’ training, including all online, blended and practical training sessions.

  • Our online courses cover a variety of topics in the areas of health and safety and human resources.  They are written by qualified professionals to address your legal requirements. All training modules are designed with interactive activities and tests to help with participant engagement and to confirm knowledge transfer.
  • All training courses can be profiled directly to the roles and responsibilities in your organization. This means that all training is unique to each individual and their employment requirements. Training can also be completed before an employee commences their first shift, ensuring your new hires have the skills they need before they set foot into the workplace.
  • The reporting functionality will track an employee’s progress, the completion of training and expiry dates.  A full reporting system allows managers to get real time training completion reports in several different formats. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you will get a full report of how your employees are doing with their training and be able to prove your due diligence.  Notifications and reminders are provided as well as certificates for the completion of a course.

Course Editor

The course editor module within Systems 24-7 allows you to create your own courses, including orientation programs or client specific programs.  If one of our standard courses requires some customization to fit your requirements, you can use the course editor to amend the program to fit your needs.  Within a few moments, you will have a course which both fulfills the legislative requirements and is designed specifically for you.

Policy Management Program

With Systems 24-7 policy management programs, due diligence just got a whole lot easier.  Your workplace policies can be managed, stored and catalogued in a way that makes sense for your business. Upload your existing policies or create your policy using our policy editor for immediate sign-off.  Systems 24-7 will track the date the policy was issued, posted or revised and will also allow you to set future revision dates to remind your organization when a review must take place. Choose who to assign the policy to and if an online sign off is required. Emails can be sent to your employees to notify them when there is a new or revised policy to read.

Use our surveys to create and assign a customized questionnaire to your employees to allow you to receive feedback. With easy to use reports, you’ll be able to pull the data right at your fingertips.

The Policy Management Program supports four main business areas:

  • Health & Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Environmental
  • Wellness

Resource Library

Our resource library consists of hundreds of documents.  You can download them and customize them yourself, have us customize them to fit your needs or upload your own resources into the system.

Our library includes:

  • Monthly talks, posters, forms, and templates.
  • Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Hazard Assessments.
  • Safety Policy document templates
  • Human Resource document templates

Implementation Packages

It is a lot of work to manage a business and its employees. The obligations for employers in the areas of health and safety, human resources and wellness can be overwhelming and daunting. Our Implementation Package program is designed to make this task easier for you.  In our Implementation Packages, we provide you with the tools and resources you need to meet compliance and best practice standards, as well as entrenching the program into every part of your business.

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