Safe Buildings

Safe Buildings

Safe Buildings

Safe Buildings is a digital operations and incident management tool.  It digitally organizes and stores your building information, making it available to you through an app or any browser. You can access your fire safety plan, fire alarm and building emergency procedure, or any building system or critical emergency procedure from anywhere in the world. We package your data into 7 simple buttons to ensure timely response to saving lives and property.

Safe Buildings is a digital content management tool designed to host your buildings’ essential and emergency information electronically. Your data is available on any mobile device or computer faster and easier, ensuring that your building information is instantly available to the building owners, management and staff, first responders, maintenance personnel and anyone else who should have access. This in turn saves time and lives!

Why Choose Safe Buildings?

After two decades in the safety and security industry we have applied our training and hard learned lessons to develop a tool that will appeal to any conscientious building manager. We take all your buildings’ critical and emergency information and transfer it from the various dust covered, hidden and inaccessible storage locations to a clean, easy to use, highly efficient, responsive and secure content management tool that you can access from anywhere. 7 simple buttons give you everything you need for your building’s emergency.

This data is available to all emergency services, who can access it from their mobile devices or computers. The data is available to them based on their Geo location, or, by scanning a secure QR code posted on your building in various locations or by entering the address into a search bar. They now instantly have access to all building emergency contacts, fire safety plan, critical infrastructure, persons needing assistance and more.

Features and Management

This app is available to all the staff, maintenance personnel and anyone building management wishes to grant access. Management can choose roles of persons having access, thus limiting access to data or time period for access.

Real time reporting allows management to ensure the building fire protection system, fire alarm system and all fire extinguishing systems are maintained and ready if needed.

The tool also tracks and records pro-active weekly, monthly and yearly fire/hazard prevention practices which lead to a safer and more accountable building. Our goal is to help you create and maintain the safest building possible.