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Convert PowerPoint to eLearning

Let your legacy power point presentations take shape into engaging,
learner-centric and visually attractive eLearning modules.

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Keep your training abreast of the current learning trends with F.A.S.T. Rescue

Why Convert your PowerPoint deck into eLearning?

Conducting classroom training using PPT content was a hallmark in the bygone years. Training programs with the aid of a PPT is a well-known scenario for all of us. Even today, many companies are following the same trend. With all its limitations, PPT did wonders as classroom training tool – being used for a long time in the training segment. It is time to add spark back into training!

F.A.S.T Rescue has more than a decade experience in converting PowerPoint training programs into eLearning courses. We will ensure that your training programs are in tune with the current learning trends.

F.A.S.T. Rescue is well-versed with tailor-made training solutions

We are specialized in developing custom eLearning content by leveraging the best instructional strategies and visual design principles.

Based on your learning needs, we revamp your existing content or recreate ‘all new’ brand content by incorporating scenarios, animation, gamifications, visual effects, branching scenarios, interactivities and assessments. We leverage the latest design and development advancements such as responsiveness, mobile learning and web technologies to enrich the content.

We can support you in integrating your SCORM courses on your LMS (Learning Management System) and provide ongoing support for content updates.

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The Feel of eLearning that PowerPoint Conversion gets you

At F.A.S.T. Rescue, we use authoring tools, which are specially designed for online learning courses, with various features that differentiate them from the PowerPoint tool. Here are some:


This typical feature helps with plethora of divergent characters with varied poses, much useful at multiple places of the course, especially in scenarios.

Slide templates

Along with the characters, there are numerous slide templates as part of content library which can be used for lessons or assessments.

Media-rich interactions

We can create up to 20 readily-available attractive interactions by just adding text and media. We can also modify their size, colour themes and fonts.

HTML5 Support

Authoring tools have the facility to publish the course to HTML5. This helps the course in compatible with all type of browsers.

Multi-device responsiveness

The player of the authoring tool offers the feature of responsiveness so that the course can be played on multiple devices such as desktops, tabs and smartphones. An authoring tool adapts to tabs, smart phones and similar devices, creating an optimum view of the course on the device. While playing on the mobile phone, the mobile-friendly playback controls are optimized according to the screen size.

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What our clients say about us

“I came in on this project once the contract had been awarded. They welcomed me and explained everything thoroughly. I found working with the team to be a breeze – they did what they said they were going to do, on time, on budget. When I said we need to run, they rushed! They made sound recommendations and the end products are fantastic and engaging.”

Natali Bennett

Project Manager
“I found your team to be attentive, timely and very professional. Your designers communicated clearly, understood my needs and did their utmost to not only meet them but, as is in this case, most certainly exceeding them! The end product looks fantastic and I am looking forward to working together on other projects that arise. From everyone here at Cabin Crew Academy, we would like to thank you and your team for the experience and the end-product.”

Metin Izci

Founding Director
“The development team was fantastic with project management. Part way through the project, my initial designated contact left … much to my surprise this was not an issue and it was taken over smoothly by others in the team. I’m super stoked! Communication was great!! I had replies within hours. The quality of my induction is amazing, I cannot recommend this company highly enough. I’ll be returning for more inductions soon. Even though this was a project that spanned a very long time, the course was built and implemented very quickly. So happy! Cost-effective, great results, and a very professional product! Couldn’t be happier.”

Harry Badcock