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COVID-19 and our Safety Measures

COVID-19 Pandemic

Making Safety A Way Of Life!

F.A.S.T. Rescue’s mission, to Make Safety a Way of Life, is very important currently with the threat of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  We have stepped up our vigilance and procedures to ensure the safety of our clients, our students and our staff to reduce the risk of exposure.

Our Instructor and Inspection teams have been made aware to recognize symptoms and how to reduce the chances of exposure. If they have symptoms, they have been advised of our back up plan with others on the team to step in for them.

Our goal is to educate on the best methods for protection against the virus.

In-Class Sessions

In addition to the normal measures we have in place, we have implemented additional measures for our in-class sessions, which include:

  • Lowering class sizes which will increase personal space
  • Increasing the amount of equipment for personal use and protection
  • Postings for reminders for personal precautions and handwashing
  • Having hand sanitizer in the classroom as well as soap and fresh running water to allow for handwashing and sanitation

If you have booked training with us, please let us know if you or your team may have been exposed to the virus.  Our aim is to work with you through this difficult period to ensure that we all stay safe.

A contingency plan for working from home?

Use the time productively and take your training online.  During this time, we are offering from our large array of over 300 online courses.  If you are the Company HR or Administrator, contact us via email or phone (866.706.7283 ext. 5106) to set up an account for our LMS for your team. Over the month, we will give you our online access at a significant discount.  Click here for more information.

Blended Training

In consideration for Spring Break and extended school shutdowns, FAST Rescue has implemented our blended learning training session, where the theory portion is done online.  This will greatly reduce the risk of exposure by conducting the training of theory online.  Contact us for more information.