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Articulate Storyline Translation and Localization Services

Articulate Storyline Translation and Localization Services

F.A.S.T Rescue helps you train your employees in their native language, by using translation and localization services. We use one of the best authoring tools, Articulate Storyline, for this purpose. Learn how here or Book a FREE Consultation with an expert!

Why use FAST Rescue’s translation and localization services?

Here are some interesting facts. Did you know that only 26% of all internet users use English as their medium of communication, or that there are almost 200 languages spoken in Canada? 15% of all Canadians speak a language at home other than English or French and 23% of all Canadians have a mother tongue that is not English or French.

As a training organization for over 20 years, we understand that learning is most effective when the student is comfortable. How better to make a student comfortable than to reach them in the language they are most comfortable speaking?

The effectiveness of the training programs and eLearning solutions you provide in your workplace is significantly enhanced when provided to your people in the language of their choice. For global companies or for companies expanding into other countries, it is common sense to provide the people in these other geographies with training in their own language.

This is where our translation and localization services can help. We will recreate and transform your eLearning content to make it available, accessible, and comfortable for all your people.

Translation and localization needs that FAST Rescue can fulfil

From eLearning content to micro learning based video material, we will translate and localize these learning solutions:

articulate storyline translate and localize these learning solutions

Translation and localization using Articulate Storyline

There are many good authoring tools that provide translation and localization services. Articulate Storyline has features however, that make it unique. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Simplified translation and localization process

Storyline 360 excels in duplicating the original course into multiple languages, allowing you to build any number of language-specific versions.

After the original course is completed, the text of the course can be exported as a .doc or .xml file. This file is given to the LSP (language service provider) for translation. The translated file is then uploaded to the duplicate version of the course.

Once this primary task is completed, other localization modifications can be done on the user-friendly platform. The other tasks of voice-over and graphics replacements can be done by exporting and importing specific files. The easy user interface of Articulate Storyline 360 helps the team handle localization and translation tasks with ease and accuracy.

2. Unique formats to support all scripts and languages

Articulate Storyline supports all major scripts and languages, including the languages written from right to left such as Hebrew, Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi and Urdu. Storyline also supports double-byte character languages, where all graphic characters are encoded in two bytes, such as Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean.

3. Easy font replacement for efficient translation

As we are aware, not all the language scripts are the same. Some take more while others take less space. Sometimes, the font we use may fix the space issue. You can easily replace the existing fonts with other suitable fonts by using the drop-down feature in the Storyline ribbon.

4. Effective ‘text to speech’ conversion

You can speed up the process of localization by using the feature, ‘text to speech’ conversion. You can quickly narrate a course to localize narration to many other languages. From one drop-down box, you can select any world language and from the other drop-down box, you can select the voice (male / female) of your choice. Using this feature, your voice over will be ready for use very quickly.

With FAST Rescue, your content can address more than 100 languages:

As an eLearning translation and localization service provider, we create multilingual eLearning content in more than 100 languages around the world, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Mandarin, Cantonese and Tagalog. We can also translate and localize content into Canadian Indigenous languages, such as Cree, Inuktitut and Ojibway.