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Special Webinar Invitation

Making Safety A Way Of Life!

Manage your building safely and easily!

Join us for a 1 hour complimentary webinar on SafeBuildings,
our mobile app for recording your building’s code compliance

  • Replace missing or lost pens and clipboards – and digitally track your compliance.
  • Take photographs during inspections – digitally date and time stamped.
  • Track both your occupational health and safety and fire code requirements.
  • Never miss an inspection again with instant reminders and escalations
  • Roll out safety procedures via secure, mobile app – with instantly updates when the code change.
  • Complete your first aid kit and AED checks online.
  • Know the current compliance status…to the second!

SafeBuildings allows you to digitally track your code compliance in REAL TIME!

If you would like to attend this session, please click here and fill out the Registration Form.

Date: July 9, 2020
Time: 12 pm to 1 pm EST
Cost: Complimentary to invited guests

Spaces are limited so please book early! 

COVID-19 and our Safety Measures

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COVID-19 and our Safety Measures

COVID-19 Pandemic

Making Safety A Way Of Life!

F.A.S.T. Rescue’s mission, to Make Safety a Way of Life, is very important currently with the threat of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  We have stepped up our vigilance and procedures to ensure the safety of our clients, our students and our staff to reduce the risk of exposure.

Our Instructor and Inspection teams have been made aware to recognize symptoms and how to reduce the chances of exposure. If they have symptoms, they have been advised of our back up plan with others on the team to step in for them.

Our goal is to educate on the best methods for protection against the virus.

In-Class Sessions

In addition to the normal measures we have in place, we have implemented additional measures for our in-class sessions, which include:

  • Lowering class sizes which will increase personal space
  • Increasing the amount of equipment for personal use and protection
  • Postings for reminders for personal precautions and handwashing
  • Having hand sanitizer in the classroom as well as soap and fresh running water to allow for handwashing and sanitation

If you have booked training with us, please let us know if you or your team may have been exposed to the virus.  Our aim is to work with you through this difficult period to ensure that we all stay safe.

A contingency plan for working from home?

Use the time productively and take your training online.  During this time, we are offering from our large array of over 300 online courses.  If you are the Company HR or Administrator, contact us via email or phone (866.706.7283 ext. 5106) to set up an account for our LMS for your team. Over the month, we will give you our online access at a significant discount.  Click here for more information.

Blended Training

In consideration for Spring Break and extended school shutdowns, FAST Rescue has implemented our blended learning training session, where the theory portion is done online.  This will greatly reduce the risk of exposure by conducting the training of theory online.  Contact us for more information.

Working towards COR™?

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Working towards COR™?

COR™ (Certificate of Recognition) is an accreditation supported by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA). This program requires construction organizations to develop safe workplaces and consistent practices. The program not only will save your company money by reducing your injury rate, worker compensation premiums, legal risks, property damage and lost productivity, but will also give you access to clients who are increasingly requiring their suppliers have COR™ certification.

F.A.S.T. Rescue can assist you in achieving COR™ accreditation from setup to final qualification. Contact us for more information.

Ontario rewards Employers with a Health & Safety Management System

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Ontario rewards Employers with a Health & Safety Management System

Organized, systematic approaches to health & safety have been shown to increase worker awareness and participation in safe practices. This in turn, has reduced workplace injuries and illness. Similar programs in Europe and Japan have resulted in a decline in workplace accidents.

On November 22, 2019, the Ontario government announced a pro-active initiative, Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers. This initiative recognizes and financially rewards employers who have successfully implemented an occupational health & safety management system in their workplace. The incentives, estimated at $140 million, are open to all employers in Ontario, regardless of size or sector and will come in the form of WSIB rebates over a three year period.

Building on the provincial program, WSIB is launching their own Health & Safety Excellence program. The provincial program will target those employers who have already implemented a health & safety program while the WSIB program is aimed at encouraging employers without an existing program to adopt one.

Jump start your Safety Management System by contacting us.

Ways To Make Workplace Safety Training More Exciting

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Ways To Make Workplace Safety Training More Exciting

When you hear the phrase “Workplace Safety Training,” do you jump for joy? The answer is probably not. In fact, it’s probably more of the opposite of that reaction. Workplace safety training can often be a very boring topic, and seem like just another chore for you to have to go through in your business as an employee or an employer.

Yet you know the importance of getting your employees trained effectively, efficiently, and comprehensively. But everyone knows that information is easier to retain when it’s presented in an easily digestible manner that people will actually enjoy.

Here’s how to get the most of your employee’s workplace safety training.

Have a Conversation

If you’re doing a presentation about workplace training or simply guiding your employees through a safety lecture, don’t do so without allowing a place for feedback. Most studies report that the education that attendees yield from lectures is relatively low. On the other hand, when you incorporate room for interaction into your presentation, retention of the topic is increased.

When you’re preparing to train your employees on safety, structure the event so you’re having a conversation with your workers. Instead of talking at them, you can talk with them, and they will feel more engaged.

A Little Incentive Never Hurt

If you used a rewards-based program as an incentive for employees to complete their training, they’ll have a whole new level of motivation associated with their task.

You can turn the training into a friendly competition, based on who can complete it in the shortest amount of time, who can score the highest on the tests, or who can answer the most questions.

You can use a gift card as a reward, or just bragging rights that they did the best. You can even offer an extended break to the person who performs the best.

Use Roleplay

Getting your head into the game with roleplay is a great way to increase retention of materials and allow the training to make a lasting impact. When you assign roles to your workers, you can act out real-life scenarios that may arise on the job. This way, your employees can engage in kinetic learning and have already been walked through a potential dangerous situation. That way, if the dangerous situation did actually arise, they’ve already experienced a similar scenario and will remember how to react.

Use Multimedia

Wherever possible, incorporate ways for your employees to interact with the information that you’re giving to them. Depending on your work situation, you can make video games that simulate situations that they might encounter, or use quizzes to keep them paying attention to the presentation at hand.

The closest you can get to simulation a real-life situation that you’re describing, the better. Not only does this make your presentation more fun, it gives workers some experience dealing with potential situations.

Get it at F.A.S.T.

You knew we were going to go there. Yes, when you do your workplace safety training with F.A.S.T., you’re getting all that exciting workplace safety training. You might have thought that the word “exciting” and “workplace safety training” couldn’t be used together in the same sentence, but we’ve got your back for engaging safety seminars of all types.

We make safety a way of life, not just a one-time training session that your employees are going to be likely to forget. We offer all measure of safety and training solutions for your business, and can consult with you to create the most effective training session possible.

Why You Need Systems 24-7 In Your Business

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Why You Need Systems 24-7 In Your Business

We don’t need to tell you twice. It’s a lot of work to manage your business and all your employees. When you think about it, it might seem overwhelming. There are so many different steps that you didn’t think about before.

Like implementing a Health and Safety program. Maybe you’re old hat, or maybe you have no idea where to even begin. Either way, it’s a multi-faceted process that will take up a lot of your valuable time if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What’s Systems 24-7?

You need System’s 24-7 on your side. It’s a one-stop portal that puts everything you need to manage your Health and Safety program together in one place. And it works for you, 24-7. See what we did there?

It’s an efficient online learning program that provides each and every employee or contractor with what they need during the training process. It gives them training, reports, policies, and forms that they may need, all bundled together in an easy interface so you don’t have to go searching through the confusing ether of papers out there.

It’s also priced modularly. You can customize it to the best fit for your company’s Health and Safety needs, and your budget.

How Does It Work?

Imagine a system that will do all the work for you. That’s what you’re going to get with the 24-7 program. You basically set it up, and let it go to work.

Learning Management

Your employees or contractors can go through courses that address your specific legal requirements regarding Health and Safety. The training courses that they go through can be specifically tailored to each employee’s specific role. You can also send them their training before they’ve even come to work, so right when they start, they’ll be fully prepared for their job.

Systems 24-7 tracks the completion of each of the courses so you don’t have to. You’ll get a comprehensive report of your employee’s progress.

Course Editor

Got a unique Health and Safety need? No problem. With the course editor, you can create your own courses to fit exactly what your business needs. You’ll be able to prove your due diligence with the reports that 24-7 will send you when your employees complete this course.

Policy Management

Your business is always changing and updating. That’s a good thing, but it means that you might have to sift through a lot of paperwork to update your employees on your policies. Not with Systems 24-7.

Systems 24-7 allows you to manage your policies and keep your employees up to date all in one place. Send off e-mails about your new protocols, store them, and catalog them. It’s that easy. You can also get reminders for when reviews are going to be conducted.

Your Resources

If you need a document, we’ve got it for you. There are hundreds of customizable resources in the resource library. These include SOPS, hazard assessments, human resource document templates, and more.

Now that you know all about what Systems 24-7 is going to do for you, why wait? You can breathe easy and focus on growing your business when you know all the Health and Safety concerns have been taken care of.

So get it today. There’s no point in putting it off any longer. Still not convinced? You can go through a demo of the program to see what it’s all about.

Oh, you also get access to all these online training courses. There’s over 200 of them. No big deal.

Ministry of Labour Approves F.A.S.T. Rescue for the ‘Working at Heights’ Program

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Ministry of Labour Approves F.A.S.T. Rescue for the ‘Working at Heights’ Program

We are pleased to announce that we are a Ontario Ministry of Labour Approved Training Provider, approved to deliver the ‘Working at Heights’ program.
Our program has been reviewed by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) and approved by the Chief Prevention Officer.

Continue reading Ministry of Labour Approves F.A.S.T. Rescue for the ‘Working at Heights’ Program

Working From Heights Training Requirement Extended

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Working From Heights Training Requirement Extended


Working From Heights Fall Protection Training at FAST Rescue

Workers who use fall protection on a construction project must take an approved ‘working at heights’ training program.

The training is in the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Regulation, and is on top of the training requirements under the Construction Regulation.

  Continue reading Working From Heights Training Requirement Extended

Workplace Safety and First Aid Regulations for WSIB in Ontario

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Workplace Safety and First Aid Regulations for WSIB in Ontario


Health and Safety in the Workplace in OntarioBy law, all employers in the province of Ontario who are covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act must have accessible first aid equipment available to workers at all times, adequate safety training for their employees, as well as provide a safe working environment.

The different requirements that are necessary for a workplace, in regards to the First Aid Kits, training and facilities will always vary depending on how many employees are employed at the company, and on a shift during one time. Continue reading Workplace Safety and First Aid Regulations for WSIB in Ontario

Bill 132: September 8, 2016 – Key Changes & Steps To Take

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Bill 132: September 8, 2016 – Key Changes & Steps To Take


health_and_safety_ontario.pngOn September 8th, 2016, Ontario’s recently introduced Bill 132 will come into effect.  Bill 132 is an act to amend various statutes with respect to sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence and related matters and comes with many required changes to Ontario workplaces.

What will change under Bill 132? Continue reading Bill 132: September 8, 2016 – Key Changes & Steps To Take