Manitoba Regulations

Manitoba Regulations

Manitoba Safety Regulations

Manitoba Regulations are based on the workplace type and the surface travel time to the hospital. Please read through the regulations to determine the type of First Aid training and equipment required for your workplace. There are various suggested first aid kits recommended for different types of workplaces. We also include a list of items that make up these first aid kits so you can replace individual items as you use them.

Download Manitoba First Aid Kit Inspection Forms & Stickers

First Aid Kit Inspection Form Inspection Sticker
Manitoba Personal Kit Inspection Form Inspection Sticker
Manitoba Kit Inspection Form Inspection Sticker
Manitoba First Aid Room Inspection Form Inspection Sticker
** Inspection Stickers should be printed on Shipping Labels (5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″)

First Aid Training Requirements for Manitoba Workplaces

Number of Workers/Shift Close Workplace Distant Workplace Isolated Workplace
Low Hazard Other Low Hazard Other Low Hazard Other
1-10 FA1 FA1 FA2
11-40 FA1 FA2 FA1 FA2 FA1 FA3
41-100 FA1 2 FA2 FA1 2 FA3 2 FA1 2 FA3
101-199 2 FA1 2 FA2 2 FA1 2 FA3 2 FA1 3 FA3
200 or more 3 FA1 3 FA2 3 FA1 3 FA3 3 FA1 4 FA3

First Aid Equipment Requirements for Manitoba Workplaces

Workers per shift Number of Kits required
1-24 employees 1 Manitoba First Aid Kit
25-50 employees 2 Manitoba First Aid Kits
51-75 employees 3 Manitoba First Aid Kits
76-100 employees 4 Manitoba First Aid Kits
For workers who work alone without ready access to First Aid kits Personal First Aid Kit
100 or more employees performing non-low hazard work First Aid Room